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KLIPSCH KLF-30 Tower Speakers and KSF-C5 Center Speaker


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Welcome to the Forum Chris. Those are great speakers, thought about keeping them for yourself?

There is a section called "Garage Sale" for stuff like this, maybe the Moderators can move Your post? Also, it would be great if You posted some pictures of the speakers and of the Klipsch label on the back of each speaker. That way folks more knowledgeable than me can advise You on prices.

Good luck!


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E-bay may be quit a bit higher than the real world price on those klf-30s. It is not uncommon to see prices as much as twice (or more) than the real going rate. A perfect example are klf-10s or kg4.x/5.x for $1000  As mentioned above ~$800 is in the ball park, if they were truly mint w/oem boxes that could go up to $1000 or a bit more depending on what veneer they have.



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