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Will Vincent ST-70, Mint and SOLD


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Damn Fine amp sounds wonderful, I will be kicking my own A$$ for letting this one go but unfortunately new toys require I let some stuff Go So have a Look. It has Cardas Binding Posts and RCA inputs. The amp has upgraded Caps but I can not recall what they are and I am not taking the amp apart. I got this one basically NEW and it has approx 300 hours on it. The Driver tubes are 7199 and the amp can use several Power tubes EL34, Pretty much any of the 6L6 Family, 6V6, KT 66, Or the KT77. My personal favorite in the amp is the Russian 6p3s (6l6GC equiv) Buyer can choose between the Russian 6l6GC or JJ EL34 from Ruby. the Drivers are Vintage Rectifier has the print worn off pretty sure its vintage as well RCA ?


New 1499.00, Buy it here for 950.00 plus the Ride and Fees (Price is fair and firm)


Pmt accepted will be Paypal, Cash, Check or MO (Clear B-4 Shipping)




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