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DISC personality test...A big ???


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Anyone do one of these DISC personality test???

I never heard of them until my work thought it was a good idea...

So....I took it "because work required it"...Not my own free will, but I need to keep my job.

It turns out the test is me to the bone....

So what ever happened to going to work, doing your job and going home???



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3 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

Whatever happened to people with responsibility actually doing their job?

Exactly....and going home afterwords???

Seems like the folks I work for think I care what other folks I work with think about me....

I really don't care....

I just do my job, "no complaints from the folks I help"...



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When I applied for a government related job in 1963 I had to take a 250 question physco. test with each question having 4 answers then later on they would combine that answer to another question then that answer to another question until at the end they decided if you should be interred or get the job.  I got the job because they were short handed. Some of  the people I worked with should have been in a loony bin.


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