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First Wood Mid Horn Cut

Dave A

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10 hours ago, Marvel said:

Very nice Dave... Will be nice not having to sand so much. I think the finishing labor kept a lot of people from getting Dave Harris' horns.


How wide is the mouth on these? Do you have a calculated or estimated Fc?



Roughly 12" x 6". Explain fC.

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Just now, geoff. said:

How low the horn is loaded.


Is it a 700 hz horn?


We will all open our wallets if you get down to 400 hz, lol

700 to 800 yes. I get one down to 400 you would have to open your wallet. To get a smooth finish on this horn I have a .015" stepover and that follows the distance across the surface and not just vertically and a horn that big would have a lot of machine time.

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