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First Wood Mid Horn Cut

Dave A

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 Working on the first 2" throat wood mid horn today.  This one is being cut for that yummy N314X Eminence driver and will be using the aluminum 1.4" to 2" adapter Eminence sells for mounting to the horn. I doubt this will be the last prototype but at least there is one to begin  testing with. Hope to get the K-400 replacement cut next week. With the adapter this one is 7" deep with a tractix like shape. Oh no steps and very minimal finish sanding required here and it turned out pretty darned smooth.

Mid One.jpg

Mid Two.jpg

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50 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

, not sure if it's the picture and I understand this is not the K400 REPLACEMENT ---------but it looks deeper in length  than any other elliptical  horn , seen so far

The overall depth is just a hair under 5" and it is the perspective that may be deceiving to you. 


28 minutes ago, windashine said:

.. o O ( how much did the plywood core weigh, before cutting into it ? )


also, it'd be cool to see a picture from the inside looking out, into a large 5 acre field....

The stack-o-wood was appx 12.83 pounds and for you I will see about a picture.

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6 hours ago, sootshe said:

Very nice work.


Is that cut from a solid piece or made up of individual segments?


If it's segments, there sure are a lot of them. 

5 pieces of 25mm Baltic Birch stacked and glued.

5 hours ago, carlthess40 said:

Great work as always
Question, what wood is best to use for a horn? Either a mid or high range horn.
Are a soft wood like Cedar-wood or for a horn lens ? I live the smell and easy to carve
Thanks and great work

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So far the best wood I have cut is Black Walnut though that can very a lot depending on northern or southern grown. Northern wood seems to be more dense and smoother cutting. Basically any dense hardwood with a small growth ring pattern will do fine though I believe. Soft woods would tend to tear more I think and really don't intend to try them anyway. The mill does not care how hard the wood is since it was designed to cut metal.

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50 minutes ago, carlthess40 said:

Thanks Dave
I only asked because I wanted to try with my lathe and make some round horns
But I can only make them up to 10” round
Thanks and keep them coming

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Here is something to think about then. I used the BB so I would not have to worry about cracks later. A solid chunk of wood would be nice but I have been warned they are prone to splitting. I do intend to make some out of hardwood but they will be done with 1" thick layers glued together to as to eliminate the splitting problem. What you do for yourself can be out of anything since if it does not work try again or if the finish is splintery you can take the time to sand. With a lathe and good SHARP tools you should be OK. Milling brings different problems to cutting than you will have to deal with.

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Very nice Dave... Will be nice not having to sand so much. I think the finishing labor kept a lot of people from getting Dave Harris' horns.


How wide is the mouth on these? Do you have a calculated or estimated Fc?



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