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1959 - 1960 Vertical Cornwalls Walnut Oil - Beautiful Condition (OR)


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My 1962's had the C-22 network and same, finish, grills and badges but were not the older rear ported versions.  I think mine were 6A328 and 6A329 but I lost my photos and it has been quite some time.  Jim Hunter said they left the factory in '63 even though the "A" in the S/N denotes 1962.

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55 minutes ago, Limberpine said:

I'm close and can get them if someone wants them. I would be happy to house them until you could come pick them up.


Sonically, would these sound any better or worse than the ones I currently have that were manufactured in 1978?

Hard to say they are rare enough that there are little or no other pairs of these out there so much so that very few people have even seen a pair this old much less heard them.  They certainly won't sound bad and are very unique collector's pieces and in stunning condition for their age.

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A guy from the Facebook Klipsch Owner's group won them and will be picking them up on Thursday I will see if I can get him to provide some photos.  I want to see what woofers they have in them the EV 15WK's or the Jensen P15LL's.  I also want to know the size hole cut in the front for the woofer it was 10" or 12" to kind of load the woofer some due to the rear porting.  These were the decendents of the Shorthorn's.

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