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FS 299-SOLD,Pioneer SX-780,Stereotech 1200-SOLD, Merlin Pre


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Selling a bunch of stuff that I am no longer using. Will be downsizing soon so I am offering it here to forum members before I take it to a local used stereo shop. 

Scott 299 rebuilt by Craig. I bought this from Greg Roberts and it has seen little use works great. Case is pretty rickety. price 400.00 plus shipping

Merlin Pre amp. Also updated by Craig. RCA jacks are now mounted to the case rather than hanging off the circuit board. Also received Craigs power supply upgrade etc. I did not convert to supertube because I have an expensive 6dj8 in it that is dead silent. price 400.00 plus shiping

Pioneer SX-780 receiver. Excellent condition. Recently gone through by R&B Electronics - the local McIntosh certified service provider. Price 350. plus shipping

Stereotech 1200 receiver  Everything works. But it can be finicky and probably needs to gone through. Price FREE just pay shipping. 

Also George Wright wpp 100 phone stage. Wonderful phono stage. Upgraded power cord. Will include additional tubes. Price 400.00 plus shippingIMG_2680.jpeg.cae40169bd0c3ec77cee2fc8c8e0074e.jpegIMG_2678.jpeg.d7fc49556f71d487104c7508d88ad78b.jpeg1521669103_IMG_2681(1).jpeg.5bfa8a3b4e8ca40f21e50d772ecba2c7.jpegIMG_2687.jpeg.4edc5a5a21c5397c0c72408c513181ad.jpegIMG_2682.jpeg.5cee9b0ba6609ee65e3f356ddb9f8478.jpeg

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In regards to shipping ..please just look up the weights and figure it out based on coming from 94563. Thx! Don't mean to be a jerk but looking up shipping info is a PTA and I posted here with more than aggressive pricing so that I wouldn't be spending time quoting shipping costs. 



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7 minutes ago, michaeldj09 said:

Id love to take that Stereotech 1200 receiver off your hands. I'm working on getting my brother-in-law a setup. I already restored an old pair of black lacquer heresys for him. I am located in San Jose so I could maybe meet you somewhere for a pick up. I'll send you a PM Thanks!

sounds good. ill pm you my contact info and we can arrange for drop off etc. 

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I should have said this earlier. I am not interested in low ball offers or negotiations. I dont have the time. I offered here for very good prices. If you don’t want to pay the asking price please move on. I have plenty of places that will pay me what I am asking  without the bother of shipping. 


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