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Heresy II Midrange Diaphragm Question


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4 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

the older beryllium leads EV T35 Diaphragms were superior quality   --the current best quality diaphragms are  sold in cups --

My EV T-25 older than can say still sweet. We do know how the evolution from the T-35 became the K-77...

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If I am correctly informed there were the membranes with beryllium leads sometime in between? So I do not have these in the 1977 original equipment and I do not get them today? Are these membranes of today without beryllium leads at least as good as those of 1977?

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16 hours ago, Bulkogi said:

am wondering also whether anyone replaces HII midrange membranes and, if so, what differences they hear


here is a Klipsch  Factory parts kit for the  Heresy II , to transform it into a Heresy  III  ----everything was included -you can check with klipsch parts to see if this kit is still available , or whether you can buy the parts separately  -


-HIII Crossover

-K 28 Woofer -

k 107 TI Tweeter--

k53TI Midrange - 

  300$ -plus you can sell off your older parts to offset this expense -



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Here's an update on my refurbishing project:  Before and after pictures of the crossover networks in my 1989 Heresy IIs. I have to say the change is very noticeable. The speakers now sound smoother, which is nice, but they also sound more dynamic and much airier up top. Cymbals now have sparkle and sheen, and there is pretty good imaging.  Even though the crossovers still looked fine when we took them out, 32 years is 32 years after all.
I bought the titanium tweeter diaphragms also, thinking I'd need them to wake up the top end, but I dunno. I will at least give them a try, but don't feel like I need them with the improved top end from the rebuilt crossovers. So for now they're still in their boxes.
Thanks to the amazing people at Crites Loudspeakers. I sent the old ones in on Monday and the rebuilt ones came back with the diaphragms by Friday!



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