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Value of two 1970's Klipschorn speakers & where to sell?


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Hi there,


I need help valuing and selling these two Klipschorn speakers. Serial numbers 6M508 & 507 is what I located on the back (pictures below). I am not sure where to sell and I need an estimated value to sell these. Would appreciate any input from the experts out there! I know these are some good ones. We had four, but two were stolen unfortunately many years ago. 


Thanks everyone,






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13 minutes ago, Perrin said:

Do you think 2500 to 3500 for pair is reasonable

Lower price will make them sell quicker. I got 2500 for a nice Walnut pair from the late 80s when I sold a few years ago. They sat for awhile before they sold. I hope you have better luck than I did in selling them quicker.  Prices on used klipsch have been going up however.... 

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