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YouTube TV.....


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So since we got the new router with WI-FI 6, all of our digital devices have been humming right along. I do see a minor improvement/ stability across the board.


I'm not totally certain but it sure seems like YouTube TV's picture quality has improved as well. Maybe I've just gotten used to it.


YouTube TV threw in a handfull of new channels into our basic plan last week. 


The few things that I knew would take some getting used to.......well, we've pretty much gotten used to them for the most part. Now, we're just sitting back and anticipating the price climb over the next couple/few years. It'll be right there with our local cable companies prices I'm sure. Hope I'm wrong. 


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I don't have great download speeds but I do have a good alternative. Youtube Video and Audio Down loader is a Firefox add-on that allows you to download, without commercials, unless they are embedded in the video like a recorded TV show would have. There are various resolutions you can choose including 4k if it is there to begin with. While you are doing something the download marches on and you have it for later both saved and hi-res for use.


  You can also down load just the audio and after running it through Audacity I have had some really good results.

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16 minutes ago, justonemore said:

Have you tried 4k on YouTube TV? I did and it was real herky jerky for me. My download speed was 190.6 and up 20.9. I don't know if that is too slow or what.

We did. There were very few 4K channels for us partly because the ones offered were of no interest to us. I'm thinking eventually there will be more....probably all the channels will be in 4K but we'll have to pay.



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Just found out this morning that we lost a handful of channels. Something about an agreement that couldn't be made with one of the networks that consists of 10 channels or so.

One of them is ESPN and another is a local channel that we watch almost exclusively. YouTube TV might be going bye-bye real soon in our house.

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