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Another ST-70 Overhaul


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Finally rewired my amp. It started when replacing the original tube sockets with Amphenol blade style. I installed a new stock replacement 7199 board from Dynakitparts a while ago. Just installed CDE WMF series film caps with stock values, painted them black because I don't like yellow. The choke, bias supply and cap can are new. Diode replaced the selenium rectifier. I have a near new testing vintage Mullard GZ34, four matched pairs of strong Mullard xf2's and 3 pairs of 7199's. Fortunately I read Dave Gillespie's ST-70 Baseline paper before doing anything to the amp. I'm very happy with the stock circuit and it sounds beautiful with my Crites Cornscala's .20211220_164641.thumb.jpg.3ee45ab7958de79473667aca502bdbb9.jpg20211220_163409.thumb.jpg.4b8bdd7cf22ff5db7daa1b3a53490902.jpg

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