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Klipsch Heresy Birch


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2 hours ago, wuzzzer said:

It's not bad, it just might deter potential buyers in the future if you decide to sell them and they prefer the original finish.

I don't think it will affect resale if you do a professional job veneering, because the birch version was their utilitarian Heresy.

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I'd say go for it!  And do post pics of the process as Randy suggests.  I've had 3 sets of HBR's.  One I left raw and just hit them with Watco's Rejuvenating oil, stripped and repainted the other as they had THICK grey paint on them and the cabinets were in sad shape.  And am working on a mismatched set I recently rescued (not sure they will survive).  Good luck and looking forward to seeing the project! 

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