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51 minutes ago, geezin' said:

is it worth it to use a streaming device or just stick with my Mac. The only thing I see is resolution peaks at 24/96 with the computer. Not sure my battered hearing would notice the difference.

Not sure on Mac but with MS Windows you can change the sample rate and bit depth thru the sound control panel / properties / advanced

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Well...on my BlueOS interface the quality indicator is there but greyed. It is not a link. More research is needed.


I just searched a BlueOS support forum and found that there is a convoluted way of finding the information, but it is not conveniently displayed on the main screen. There seems to be a lot of demand for it from the users, so maybe it will be in a future update. There have been a number of improvement updates in the few months I've owned the streamer, so I'm hopeful. In the meantime, I'll just keep listening.

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A buyer beware for Tidal.


After 1.5 years with Tidal I got a message from Blu OS on Android phone I needed to update my billing information on January 7 2022 for Tidal.

I did the process as requested and am now being billed twice a month.




For two weeks all I get is an automated reply to my e mail and no resolution. Filed a dispute with AMEX today.


NAD M32 and Blu OS seem like a good synergy to my ears. No CDs or LP clutter in the living room pleases my wife of 39 years.


I knew the ownership of Tidal was questionable folks but the phone number thing is extremely unprofessional.



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