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15 hours ago, newworld said:

I have hundreds and hundreds of pics saved to my pc of health and nutrition information. The lies and deception about food in this country are mind boggling. 

Take fluoride, most everyone has some knowledge that it is toxic and that it's added to the water. Did you know it's also added to bottled water? Or that it's used in most processed foods; canned goods, soups, juices... 


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7 hours ago, newworld said:

Fluoride was a waste product left over from the production of the atomic bomb. Informed consent and nuremberg codes, If everybody knew the true laws of the land ( blacks law dictionary ) then the world would be a much different place. Don't get me started!

Actually, originally it was a byproduct from the aluminum smelting process. The manufactures didn't know what to do with it. Considering it was extremely toxic (as in poisonous ☠️), adding it to the water was the only logical thing to do. 


These days there's tons of fluoride that needs to be "safely" disposed of by the fertilizer industry.  So, they employ the old "get rid of the toxic by-product" by putting it in the water trick. Take a minute to read this spot on article:

Fluoride Action Network | The Phosphate Fertilizer Industry: An Environmental Overview (fluoridealert.org)

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