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KLF-20 Present Day Equivalent


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I'm looking for opinions as to what current Klipsch speaker is closest in comparison to the KLF-20's.  For insurance purposes due to a house fire, we are attempting to ascertain  "replacement value", (ie., cost to replace currently-not "actual cash"  value which calculates initial cost minus depreciation).  Company has been very fair to date and recognizes it is very difficult to compare the Legend series to current lines, so input from those of you with much more knowledge/experience would be much appreciated!



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4 hours ago, kcurtis600 said:

Thanks for the input! I think they probably would if I want to  buy used equipment.  But if I am interested in replacing with new equipment (and I am not trying to open a debate as to whether I should or shouldn't move off the KLF-20), what would be the closest comparable? 


 RF-7 III or forte IV 

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I would agree that the Forte IV is likely the closest current product to the KLF-20.  The Legend series (KLF-10, KLF-20, KLF-30) was essentially the direct replacement for what I call the "Forte family" (Quartet, Forte, Chorus) when those were discontinued.  The KLF-20 and the Forte were both the middle product of each set.

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