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FOR SALE: Klipsch CF-3 V1s


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Selling a pair of Klipsch Epic CF-3 V1 speakers.

They are in pretty good cosmetic shape. Mostly small scratches, as well as a few larger ones on the sides (pictured) and a more noticeable one along with 2-3 visible scuffs on the back of one (also pictured). The other one has a lighter scratch like that on the back. Grills are in good shape. Under the grills they look great as well. These are the rare V1s with the 5.5" ports. These also have consecutive serial numbers.

No modifications have been made to these. Though I do recall briefly removing the crossovers to fix the terminals awhile back, as they had trouble tightening. But they seem okay now, though a little loose on the negative terminal on one speaker (but it still gets tight enough to hold wire).

These speakers have been also tested and pack a punch. The CF-3s have been in my family since I was a baby. They were purchasd new by my father back in the 90s.

Looking for $700 OBO. Feel free to message me for questions, more photos, or feel free to shoot an offer.

(Excuse the current mess. Also that's just cat fur on the grills)


Local pickup only in Central California.

Thank you!

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1 hour ago, simplyorange said:

Thanks! Unfortunately @graydog it won't let me send messages for some reason. Feel free to message me. 

both  yourself and @graydog   need 5 posts to activate the PM function . 


I would suggest  you guys add a few posts ,  talk about whatever you want  , we're all ears good buddies 

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