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Heresy ii serial number


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To my knowledge there isn't anything stamped inside or outside the Heresy II that would confirm its serial number.  I don't think it would be a deal breaker to anyone if you were wanting to sell them and one wouldn't have a tag on it.  It's not like a vintage numbers matching Mopar or anything.

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If you can read the serial number on the one can almost bet it is one digit after or before. Especially if they for the most part look alikes and all things being equal in the total scheme of things. That is, if were to sell or otherwise become an issue. Klipsch speakers had an inspection tag sometimes stapled on the inside, which likely do not have a serial number.

Welcome! there @John_ny15

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17 hours ago, John_ny15 said:

Recently purchase a pair of Heresy II speakers from original owner.  They are a matched pair, but one of the tags was lost.  Is there a way to confirm the serial number and can a confirmation be obtained?

 remove a woofer , check to see if there is tag inside the speaker like the picture I posted 





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The inspection sticker inside my didn't have the SN on it. Only a date and who inspected the given speaker. My HIIs had NO stickers on the back, but the sticker inside had the date of manufacture. Not a problem for me, as I won't be selling them anyway.


The SNs on mine may be farther apart, as mine a black lacquer, which could have been used to cover a blemish or flaw in a given veneer. I just listen and enjoy.

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