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A/B Speaker Comparisons

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On 12/2/2023 at 5:42 PM, Iteachstem said:

Time to resurrect this thread and see if anyone wants to contribute.  We all talk about comparing speakers, but lets document our experiences!


I found this picture and remembered when I did this A/B comparison of a Forte vs. Forte II


Speakers:Forte vs. Forte II

Room:2 car garage

Electronics: Emotiva pre, Crown K2, Dell computer with WAV files.

Demo Songs: Jimmy Sax-No Man No Cry / Stevie Ray-Chitlins Con Carne / Pink Floyd-Time


I know it was conducted in a less than ideal area, but for me, the original Forte's sounded just a little sweeter to my ears.  Perhaps it's just because I refinished them and liked the darker color, but when I had my better half do the random A/B switching, I picked the Forte every time.



For your Forte comparisons in the garage environment I don't feel that you are taking advantage of the low frequencies that the Forte's are capable of or the imaging. 

The living room environment is more true to how most would listen to a higher end speaker.  I would be interested to see if your Forte results change if placed in the living room environment.


With that said I have compared my Forte 1's to my RF-7 1's in a living room environment.  I prefered my Forte 1's by a slight margin possibly due to owning them longer and my ears being "adjusted" to a 3-way speaker.  At the time I was also switching out amplifiers and the RF-7's really impressed me when powered from a tube amp.

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10 hours ago, Southern said:

The living room environment is more true

I agree with you.  However, both the Forte and Forte II were in the same environment, and I was simply observing their acoustical characteristics in that space. It's not like I had one set in the garage and the other in a wonderfully acoustically treated interior space.  Would it be better for the low end to have them closer to a wall, sure.  Would it be better to have them farther apart, sure.  So, my test in this case was not an ideal comparison.... more of a worst case scenario test.  However, it is getting people starting to participate in this thread... bonus!  I know we all love to talk about our speakers... and I tried to provide a mouthpiece for just that.

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1 hour ago, Iteachstem said:

However, it is getting people starting to participate in this thread

This would have worked when there were more than 3 members in this forum. In other words, don't get discouraged that there are only a few participants. 

Also, if you want to search, similar ABing has gone on here since we were cave dwellers.  I have AB the KLF-30 vs CF-4; KLF-30 vs, Chorus II; redhead vs brunet vs blonde; Cornwall vs Chorus; KP262 vs KP250; KP301 vs KP362, and many others. 

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