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RF-7 Vs Rf-7II Vs RF-83 Comparison


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I recently had the opportunity to purchase an entire Klipsch RF-7ii System (read about it here). After bringing home the new speakers, I knew I had to bring the RF family together to see how they compared in a 2ch configuration.

I brought the RF-83's from the HT into the living room and also the RF-7ii's. As with every purchase, I took several photos before I even hooked them up to listen (strange I know but I really love photographing Klipsch speakers).

After getting them setup, I demoed many CD's and Concert DVD's and here is what I concluded.

RF-7 - Brightest and most detailed sounding of the three. Very "forward" sound.

RF-83 - Most laid back sound of the three. Very soft, silky sound. Very soothing and beautiful.

RF-7ii - Not as bright as the RF-7's but not near as laid back as the RF-83's.

I loved the sound of all three for 2ch. All three had a great amount of bass, midrange was delightful and the highs were full of clarity and detail.

I've never claimed to have a "critical ear" nor have I ever claimed to be anything near an "audiophile". This is just what my simple ears heard.

Honestly, I would be VERY happy with any of these three speakers in my living room and if the wife would let me, I would have loved to keep all three pair in the living room. But since I already have the RF-7's in my son's bedroom and the RF-83's in the HT, I decided to sell my newly purchased Cherry RF-7's and keep the newly purchased RF-7ii's for the 2ch living room.

The RF-7ii's are absolutely beautiful. I love the copper color of the woofers moreso than the gold color on the RF-83's. The front wood veneer looks very classy and even the 2/3 speaker grill is starting to grow on me. I even like the feet (which I originally did not like from the photos I saw online).






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It is great to be posting again. Thanks for cutting to the quick. I have never had the opportunity to hear two, yet the three side by side but, I am like you, all three are great and slightly different. The extra few inches that the RF 7II have over the RF 7's make them look small,lol. You have one great set of speakers in your collection.

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So, if you had to choose 1 pair ONLY?

I did choose....the RF-7ii...at least for my 2ch setup. LOL They are a fantastic blend between the sound of the RF-7 and the RF-83 and I already loved the way they both sounded so something in between their sound made perfect sense.

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Just curious why Wake took the RC7 instead of the RC64II?

Cause I wanted the RC-64ii for myself. :P

I can always find another RC-7 down the road (I've owned two of them). RC-64ii rarely become available and for what I paid for it, it's a no brainer to keep, even if it's not "voice matched" to the original RF-7's. Besides, they are in my 14yr old son's 9' x 9' bedroom and he sits on the floor in a rocker chair that is 3' away from the center channel. Only time he cranks it up is when he is listening to music and mom isn't home.

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