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Heritage rears?


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Thinking about heritage speakers (or something on the same level) all the way around for 5 channel home theater.


with LaScals L/R and maybe Heresy as a center, what so you think would be a good matching rear?  Right now i have rp600m on stands but really would like to move to a floorstander.   


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I wouldn't go with anything below a Belle Klipsch for the center, a third La Scala would be ideal.  Having a center with direct radiator bass is going to have much more bass IM distortion than one with horn-loaded bass.  Also, the smaller mid-horn would be less dynamic.  For the surrounds, you could likely get away with the smaller Heritage speakers.  However, going with fully horn-loaded at all channels would be best, maybe with a horn sub to fill in the bottom end.

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I'm limited to about 32" max height on the center.  I think I measured and a quartet would fit, I believe. 


Also have a ultra short throw projector which already sits out into the room under the screen. So a big box speaker like a belle or LS won't work. 


As for the center, as long as it sounds on par wirh the rc64iii I have, I think I'd be OK with that. 

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11 minutes ago, amheck said:

I'm limited to about 32" max height on the center. 


If you removed the Belle Klipsch riser and maybe the spacer between the bass bin and the top section, it would probably just make it.  If you decide you want to try that, I have taken a Belle apart before.  So, I can answer questions about what to expect.


Other speakers to consider as centers are a few from the cinema line.  Thers is the KI-396-SMA-II model with the horn rotated for horizontal use, the KI-398-RGL which is horizontal, or the 3-way KI-362-SMA-II which has rotating horns for either orientation.  I know of several people who have used the KI-396-SMA-II model with the horn rotated as centers for their Underground Jubilee setups.



KI-362-SMA-II-Angle (Small).jpg

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Do you have room in/behind the walls?









(my wife's legs sticking out of the closet where the electronics reside)






Don't ask me where I hid the Danley subwoofer.  Side comment, wife did all the trim work AND made the grills.  


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