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How to find replacement binding posts for RP-600M II?

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My brand new RP-600M II speaker had an accident involving a dog, a cat, and a mouse that got in the house. End result was speaker got pulled off the stand, and fell mostly on a nearby cardboard box… but somehow managed to shear off two of the four binding posts.


I can remove the back plate that has the four binding posts screwed onto it, but I would like to find exact replacements for the binding post that ship with the speaker. Does anyone have any idea where I might be able to find those or order exact replacement parts?


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I would contact Klipsch direct and see if they would repair it. You might get lucky and be able to ship just the plate to them vs. the entire speaker.

Prior to doing so, I would suggest registering your product via the on-line product registration. While not covered under warranty, at least they would

have a record of purchase.


 You can submit a request HERE.

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@Deang thank you. I think these would work, they seem to be a good match, but I’m hoping for an exact match with the original binding posts, which have a metal screw-down portion. But if I can’t find this exact parts, I’ll probably order the ones you spotted on Amazon. Thanks!

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2 hours ago, ethirolle said:

 I’m hoping for an exact match with the original binding posts, 

 call klipsch parts     purchase the original "  RP 600M II  input panel  "

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