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Quad k77 MMTM horn


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Good day, everyone! One of my Quads was stolen! Ugh!  

Is there a source for a replacement for the MMTM Quad K77 horn?  


I can't seem to find much information on these MMTMs; if I can not locate a replacement, I'll be forced to build one.  I would consider B&C Drivers and a long through lense.  Is there any info about what frequency the mid-horn rolls off at? Screenshot2023-09-09at12_24_33PM.png.b53c660c881a3c28bd67716463e64e52.png

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  • MMTM  specs 


The Klipsch MMTM is a controlled directivity high frequency horn designed for long throw applications. The MMTM's controlled dispersion is ideal for applications requiring high sound pressure levels at long distances and those requiring precise control of coverage patterns.

Frequency range: +/- 5dB 6kHz-16kHz

Sensitivity: 108 dB SPL 1w/1m

Max Power: 40w 124 dB SPL

Nominal beamwidth: H 45 deg V 20 deg

Nominal impedance / minimum impedance: 8 Ohms / 5.9 Ohms @ 18 kHz

Network: Passive 6 kHz hi pass filter with 18 dB / octave cutoff coupled with a notch filter creating a 60 dB / octave slope

Dimensions: 8.25 in H x 10.25 in W x 13.75 in D

Protection: 3 Amp GBB (2 Amp AGC)

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