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ALK Engineering ES5800 Crossovers


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Hello!  I have question on what would be a fair asking price on a pair of ALK Engineering ES5800 crossovers. Going to list them on EBay. I bought them about three years ago with ES500 crossovers when ALK was still making them.  I am still using the ES 500 crossovers, but have no need for the ES5800s. ALK still has a price listed at $565.00 for a pair, but you can't order them.  I was thinking around a starting price of $350.00. They are unique, but not readily available.  Thanks for any input.



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30 minutes ago, Dave B said:

I will buy them


On 10/10/2023 at 7:03 PM, Cellular676 said:

Thanks! Someone already got 'em at $500.00. Wasn't really trying to start an auction on the forum. Amazed they are in that kind of demand.


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