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The Rare, KG SW Subwoofer

Peter P.

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That 0% is in the last 12 months, which he hasn't sold anything. His rating is 187 and it appears to be perfect. It is misleading. He also has a pair of Heresy ll for sale. He's in San Antonio, and if anyone needs these looked at let me know, I'm close.

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5 hours ago, Iteachstem said:

I don't know if this is really a "subwoofer", I would call it more of a woofer when it only digs down to 38hz.  But I'm sure it will be bought by someone looking for the nostalgia factor.

You're right; it's technically not a subwoofer. But it DOES extend the low end of any speaker which doesn't play below 50Hz which includes most bookshelf speakers

AND even larger speakers like Klipsch Heresies.


I have a kg sw and I approve of this message!

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I think it just reminds me of the cheesy kenwood system my family bought right around 1990.  It had two pretty cool looking 5 sided satellite speakers consisting of two 4.5" mids and a paper cone tweeter and they were crossed at 150hz.  The sub, which consisted of two 6.5 drivers in a bandpass enclosure with no crossover handled the low end.  It was boomy and very directional!  But boy, did we give that system a workout all through high school!



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