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For laughs?!?! Khorn - Overpriced 1988 in Illinois -$10,000


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This is for comedy mainly! 


This guy listed a pair of KG4's over the summer for around $400 if I remember correctly.  I got him to agree to about half that pending in person inspection before I even went out to look at them, however, upon arrival, they were 10x worse than in the few photos he had posted.  (Water damage, scratches, damaged passive radiators, exploded seams, etc.  He wouldn't budge on the price.  I offered him $100 because at least the horns and some of the woofers were in decent condition.  He wasn't having it, so I left.  Low and behold, he kept lowering the price over the next week until it hit $100, and suddenly the ad was gone.  Hmm... maybe I knew what I was talking about when I told him they are worth $100 in the first place. 


Well, the same guy just listed a set of 1988 Black Khorns for $10,000.  UI've never owned a set, and for the right price, I would like to change that!  Needless to say, I inquired if he was willing to sell at current market value (Based on the excel sheet on the forum) and he came back at me with the usual line of these are selling for $16k new and he's seen them for 10K used.  In addition, he said they are AK6 and the pictures clearly show the crossover as the AK2. He went on further to say he bought them 5 years ago for $5K and they are the black color, so they are worth even more. (In my opinion, black is the least sought after color in the heritage series...at least for me!) So, why would they suddenly be worth twice what you paid for them?  They are not a special edition, or anything super rare that would justify the price.


I don't know why I even tried reasoning with this guy, as he is clearly taking over were snoop dog is leaving off...



So, if anyone wants to be entertained with copious amounts of idiocracy, feel free to contact this guy!

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1 hour ago, Ceptorman said:

What do you think they are worth?

To me, I wouldn't pay more than 2K for them, even if they were in decent condition.  Plus, I know they aren't well cared for, just by looking at the few poor quality pictures he posted.  I'm guessing there's a reason he doesn't post accurate photos.


  Plus, I don't like black speakers, so it would require significant time to refinish these.  I would most likely be better off finding a better pair in the first place

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1 hour ago, Ceptorman said:

He already knows that you know what you're talking about.

He thinks his stuff is worth top dollar and that I am trying to low-ball him.  It wouldn't be worth the trip, as I'm pretty sure they aren't in the condition he is claiming.... just look at the photo with all of the clutter around it. 

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I never understood when people take photos for items for sale and can't even clean up the area in the photo. 

Same as the ad that says "one small malfunction, but it's only a $50 fix"....if it's so small of a fix, why doesn't he fix it?


Give him another day or two, and he'll knock another $2500 off.

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2 hours ago, The Dude said:

80 joints a day, he has a professional blunt roller.  I'm sure it's taken a toll on his lungs. 

After the first 10 joints, would he even get high smoking that much? Don't you have to come down to get high again? Asking for a friend!

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