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Beginning my foray into Klipsch with a restoration


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2 hours ago, OO1 said:

great , but seeing the results , you convinced me never to use Osmo or Rubio   

I can only do what the wood will let me do, and pics don't always capture reality. I am 100% certain of what Rubio is capable of, as well as my abilities.  Never stated my opinion on what you should use, I merely stated which finishes are appropriate for what based on experience; and why I chose what I used. Don't take my word on it, research it for yourself. There are hundreds if not thousands of YT vids on it. What you use is all on you.  20220915_175237.thumb.jpg.b51218dd36a7f099810bcc9a334bb9b8.jpgsignal-2022-11-09-19-32-11-159.thumb.jpg.c943a2b207840ce9f9a1537b62d4440d.jpg20230915_175655.thumb.jpg.5a98e1c579200c58f0f1421c0cc10763.jpg


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2 hours ago, Marvel said:

Beautiful finishes. Totally earth friendly as well.

Thanks man.  I really appreciate it.  Top to bottom: black walnut, burl/curly/ambrosia maple, spalted maple, red oak and black walnut.  All cut and milled on the farm where my shop is.  All are finished with Rubio Pure (no pigment/tint).

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  • 4 weeks later...

Just saw this thread.  Nice work.  Almost brought a tear of compassion to my eye when I read these were your Father in Laws and you were doing this for your bride!


Well done.


That said....  I'm thinking of a project.  I'll create a new post.....  be interested in your thoughts (as well as any others who make sawdust without being a termite)



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