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Heresy and Onkyo- do they like each other?


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Hi all, new here and hoping to get some input.   


I have an Onkyo TX-SR805 receiver; I'm just using it for 2 channel audio. It is rated 130 WPC across all channels, so I do assume a safe 130 into just two of them, I run the pure audio mode so no tone controls or EQ. 

Currently I have two set of speakers I'm running. (1 pair at a time, not all four together)


1. Polk Tsi400, 91 dB sensitivity, rated 20-200 watts. 

2. Energy XL-28p, 92 dB sensitivity, rated 15-225 watts. 


"in theory" these are within the range of the Onkyo. 


It's in the shop, so I can go loud and not set the neighbors off, but in the last two weeks, one of the tweeters on the Polk and one on the Energy have blown. One was on the left side, the other was the right speaker, so I don't "think" I lost a channel, no breakers popped or fuses blown. I do play loud, (I do run a woodshop), but we aren't talking concert levels here.   


So,  I said to heck with repairing them, and decided to shop- I came across a set of matched 1985 era Heresy that I am picking up today.   I know they are much higher sensitivity than either of the other speakers but I'm worried that I'm gonna damage them. 


Not sure what to do other than hook it up and see, but am hopeful someone can weigh in with experience running Heresy and Onkyo.    


Thanks in advance, and glad to be here. 



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I paired a 90's Onkyo integrated amp, I think an A-925, with my Heresy 2s in my bedroom for some time and the combination was wonderful.


Also ran an Integra DTM-40.4(same as Onkyo TX-8050) network stereo receiver with my Heresys in a spare bedroom and it too was a great combination.


Your Onkyo TX-SR805 is an overbuilt beast of an AVR with great capabilities.  Definitely will not hurt to try.



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Thanks all for the input, I am happy to report that the two get along very well indeed.    



@wuzzzer, I dont know if its a favorite pure music amp, as its used in a woodshop as there is lot of background noise already, and at 100 dollars the price was right. 


I may bring the heresy pair into the house and try it with my AXR 100 to compare

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