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Audio equipment for sale


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I have multiple amps and other audio gear all in like new condition and fully functional.  See my signature to see their application in my system.


I Nuke NU 3000(X3) and I Nuke 6000 (X3) watt amps  for $200 and $250 respectively


Dayton UM 18  subwoofer drivers (X4) $ 250 local pickup Chicagoland.


RC 64 which was paired to RF 7II without timber mismatch.  Can be use with RF 63, RF 82's, RF 7.  You can't buy a better center for these speakers.


Pioneer SC 35  Elite avr for $250.  Fully functional and was used as a preamp for tube amp.  Great to decode audio SACD, Tidal ect.  7 channels each with 140 -200 peak watts per channel.  This can be use as an avr or integrated amp, transport for power. 


Acurus power amp|5X200 for $ 700. Fully functional, small caps and parts tuned up.  On ligjht is out currently.  This amp has been use in my HT.  see signature for synergistic equipment.


Pic's and correspondence via Klipsch messages for more detail,  or pic's.  These are non-negotiable prices.  


All the listed equipment is on the internet for more details.

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