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Looking for new receiver


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My current receiver, Onkyo TX-NR696 is starting to act up, ( shut off by itself, automatically going to menu items and then shutting down). I took the remote out of the equation just in case it was something with that. Being it's Christmas time I only have around a $700 budget. The Onkyo is less than a year old so I'm not looking for another of the same brand. Because it's still under warranty I'm going to send it out for repair, and then I'll keep it as a spare or sell it. Any insight or recommendations greatly appreciated. Room Size is 14x20. Listening position about 10ft from front Stage. Current Speaker Setup:

All Klipsch:

Front L/R RP-600mii
Center RP-504cii
Sub RP-121sw
Surround RP-402s

Recievers I'm Considering, both Same Price

Denon AVR-X2700H

Yamaha Aventage RXA2A


Or any other recomendations under $800 with ability to go 7.2

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Don't set a price and buy accordingly.  Instead, decide which receiver you really want, and if you don't have enough money right now, just keep putting some into your Audio Buying Account every payday until it's all there.  Then you'll have what you really want in the first place, and can sit back and enjoy your music without any pesky thoughts about the hassle of trading up model by model, losing money every time.  Getting the unit you want in the first place means more time listening to better sound.  Isn't that the best?


That might sound odd, but having a separate account (in your bank, in your sock, under the mattress) for your audio stuff is how you can have the cash to jump on bargains when you spot them, and gives you bargaining power, because cash is always king, unless your cards have a big limit and you can pay off the balance in a month or two.


Brand-wise, Onkyo have a name for running hot, which may shorten their life.  I've always had good results with Yamaha gear, and I hear good things about Marantz.

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