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Upgraded Forte III to Forte IV - wow!

Last Lemming

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21 hours ago, djcindc said:

For anyone out there losing sleep over my upgrade woes (I'm sure that is absolutely no one) ... sleep well tonight. I don't know if it was break-in (I let them run for two full days) or changes I made to my room treatments, but all is now good. More than good. The nasally, bullhorn-ish sound I was getting is gone, and I can second the original poster's rave review. I absolutely loved my IIIs and only upgraded because I can't resist the possibility of eking out just that little bit more from my system. This upgrade gave me much more than just a little bit more. The bass punch and finesse, and the depth and layers (it's the layers more than anything!) that I'm now hearing in the soundstage are just amazing. The Decware/Forte IV combo really might have me at the end of my search. I can't see myself wanting to upgrade either amp or speakers anytime soon, if ever.




I think we also get used to what we hear and sometimes when something new comes along, it takes time to adjust to it. 

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Posted (edited)

I’m glad it all ended well for you!!!!

For what its worth I had the iv’s running on a new Technics SU-G700m2. Truly is an amazing amp. Did everything right for these IV’s, but it was too much of a good thing. It was sooooo clear and exacting that it made all my crappy 80’s recordings (the music I love) sound true to their recording- meaning bad. However, great recording were unfreak’n believable. But it nagged at me that a lot of my music would never sound great (listenable). So I sent the unit back and I ordered a Luxman integrated. Everything I heard about this amp is that it’s more musical, that and I’ve been wanting a Luxman for years. 

in the meantime I’m using my Decware integrated. Fooling around with tube rolling for fun. 

but again. Glad it’s all worked out!

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6 hours ago, Idontknow said:


Yea, Huff is all over the map, it's true. 

But his review of the Buchardt A10 was spot on. My wife bought me a the A10s for Xmas and they are incredible. Makes my KEF LS 50 Ws sound mediocre.

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