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1975 Cornwall Low volume

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10 minutes ago, hanksjim1 said:

loose crossover wire?  loosen each and re-tighten.

Yep.  Loosen and tighten every screw on the input terminal and on the crossover network.  It’ll remove years of oxidation and give a much better signal path.

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19 hours ago, Stacey Wilsman said:

Can anyone give me an idea for a muffled volume in one speaker. It fixes itself we I turn the volume up.

are your Cornwall  crossovers all original from 1975 ?

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Funny story?


When I bought my pre-owned Klipschorns the fellow who sold them to me told me that he was selling them because his wife felt like the bass was lacking.


The first thing that I noticed upon picking them up was that they were not sitting in the corners of their listening room. So I dismissed their concern and attributed the bass issue to improper positioning of the speaker cabinet.


However when I set them up in the corners of my listening room - and listened to them - I had to agree that there was something wrong with the bass. 


So I opened up the access doors on the sides of the Khorn bins  and guess what I discovered?


Mice had built nests inside both bass bins! The nests were pressing directly against the woofer cones!! The nests were preventing the cones from moving!!!


After I removed the nests that the mice had built - the bass was much louder . . . 




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4 hours ago, Stacey Wilsman said:

Everything is original. Worked great until 2 weeks ago.

the capacitors in your 49 years old crossovers are pretty worn out ,  the muffled sound may indicate a bad /defective capacitor or a worn out diaphragm in the HF drivers   


-1st step  , check all the connections in the bad speaker to make sure nothing has loosened 

-2nd step  ,  take an ohmmeter and check the resistance for the tweeter  + midrange driver  , tweeter is 8 Ohms  , the midrange driver is 16 Ohms   .


-if all is fine   ,  3rd step , .contact   @JEM Performance  they sell klipsch capacitor kits to restore you networks back to klipsch specs  .  


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