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Pioneer SX-828 dilemma

Audio Flynn

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I am not much of an SS guy the past twenty years. 

At an AK show in Detroit I picked up this receiver I could never afford in the seventies thinking that my adult son who repairs computers would be interested in audio gear. Unfortunately, he is that sound bar and subwoofer generation.


I have never turned it on and expect it is inoperable.

Should I sell as parts only?

The wood case is exceptional for the age.


Can I find a technician knowledgeable about the SX-828?


What would you do?

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Hello, would plug it in, turn it on, unless something wrong when you got it. Room temp, with nothing attached. SS not tube so yes, why not.

Listen for power up relay and

work the knobs, switches. If good so far and fuses checked, may could check it out, unless caked inside with dust. Just answering, not a bench tech.

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29 minutes ago, Audio Flynn said:

I was going to Deoxit and check all the fuses before turning on.


It is a beast.

Think good idea. Correct fuse and maybe simple buss fuses if any inside. 

 Nice to have a couple of cheapo speakers to test deoxit working.

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My favorite 70’s receiver was a Pioneer SX939 when I was buying vintage gear. It sounded very, very good and had a great tuner.  I also set my son up with a nice vintage system that included the 929 and a pair of Advents and he had no desire to keep it. It is the one vintage receiver I regret selling. I would love to come across a deal on a SX1010.

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