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Veneer matching

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Who's had a wife use their LaScala as a plant holder?  I'm going to add a thin veneer over the top of my speaker. The top was ruined and had mold.  I tried to take it out, but the wood bleached out to much. 

I expect the veneer, even after adding the finish, to be lighter.  Anyone have experience to get the new veneer to match?  


The speakers are 1980 LaScalas with clear birch,  what I understand is a lacquer finish.  



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6 hours ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

I used Bar Keepers Friend to remove water stains. I treated the whole surface, not just the stained areas. Have you sanded any of it?

That would surely get a more even look that could then be refinished.

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9 hours ago, billybobg said:

Yes, but not stripped totally.

I use a 2:1 BKF with water to make a paste. I apply it by rubbing it on and into the wood as if trying to clean a stain. Wipe it off with a barely damp cloth. It might take a few tries to get there, but I have cleaned water stains from a few cabinets. I would strip, sand, and prep all surfaces and reapply a new finish to both cabinets.

I was able to remove the water stains from these by sanding and no acid (BKF). I have had some that sanding would not have worked.  

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