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boa,will not accept one single additional connection for cable(ie-box).Tired of being jacked around by cable campany.Have waited several years for the change and I feel now's the time.At least,the time is near!

How's the magnet situation coming boa?


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could u move your like dvdp to optical connect then put your cable box on the coax connect? that's what i had to do then auto input mode takes care of rest.

as for the cableco, if it's AOL TW they should be getting much better soon (merger just completed). also there will be a lot of cool uploading (2 way commun) features soon which u can't do w/ sat - f.e., being able to order about any movie to start anytime u want w/ a few clicks of your remote.

magnets went pretty well. that is after filing out the tweeter holes on the klf-30s to get that bucking magnet attached tweet back in. now have ordered the big daddy woofer mags. 4X$20. frown.gif

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boa, thanks for the info.Actually just tired of the cable service and am ready for a change.A while back I gave a Sony 27" console

I bought in 1990 to my Dad and we hooked it up to his satellite system.Now,I had the TV for 10 years so I was well acquainted with the picture quality.Let me tell you,if it gets any better than that I'm just not willing to pay extra for it.BTW, I just can't

let go of the idea of your using your extra reciever.A few months ago my Dad and I hooked

up an extra reciever I had via his preout-main in jacks on his stereo reciever and ran the line level signal thru the CD inputs of my extra reciever.We adjusted the volume on the slave reciever and played back music thru this set-up using miltiple speakers(the original idea was to drive additional speakers with the extra reciever).In the short time I tinkered with the set-up it looked like just a matter of getting volume levels adjusted correctly.He decided he didn't need the additional speakers (records live music)so we later removed extra reciever.Just reading the Parts Express catalog this morning and noticed the line level converters(302-307).Check em out.And good luck on taming the magnetism.


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thanks k, but w/ that sony not having main preouts i've accepted i'm pretty screwed there. maybe when i get that new marantz sr8000 or denon i can at least hook the big ken to the sony 2nd room out jacks for stereo

using the sony as the preamp.

the rf-3 sound sweet connected to the big ken in the "stereo accuracy listening room".

& hey, i'm looking for those monster biwire cables (the cheaper ones) online now.

thought i'd try them w/ these rf-3 & the big ken & see if I hear a big dif. i'll keep u posted.


Klipsch KLF-30 (front), KLF-C7, Cornwall I (rear)

Velodyne HGS-18 sub woofer

Monsterbass 400 sub interconnect & Monster S-12 cable

Sony STR-DE935 a/v receiver

Sony DVP-C650D cd/dvd player

Sony Trinitron 27" stereo tv

Toshiba hi-fi stereo vcr

Technics dual cassette deck

Technics direct drive turntable

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000 digital cable box

2nd room:

Klipsch RF-3 (front), RC-3, cheap little Technics (rear)

Kenwood KR-9600 AM/FM stereo receiver (vintage '75)

Teac PD-D1200 5-disk cd player

Sega Genesis game player

Sub: None yet

rock on!

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Try this link, they seem to have some good prices for Dish Network. Get at least the 4922 for main receiver so you have the UHF remote and Dolby Digital audio output.


I agree with you about cable. When I lived in Huntsville there were two companies competing, so the price was low, but so was the selection. Out here in AZ, the selection is greater, along with the price, the people who have digital cable are looking at satellite.

Good Hunting.



SF-2 Mains

SF-1 Center (pair)

Quintet Rears

KSW-10 Subs (pair)

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jtkinney,thanks for the link.Time to do more reading.My cable service(AT&T Broadband-for now)is good.The picture is probably comparable to digital.I just have problems with paying extra,and then having the box,for

digital(long standing hatred for cable).If I have to insert another piece of equipment into the maze it may as well be a sat reciever.Then I would have THE MUSIC,the digital,and the pay-per-view.The prices are comparable for service(two crooks holding you up for the same amount of money/remember the projected cost for service just before satellite's premiere?).Now jt,the prices have escalated at about the same rate as those rockets up in Huntsville.Thanks jtk.

boa,check out audioreview for a selection of speaker cables.And why not start another bar-room brawl free-for-all by posting a question

about audio qualities/speaker cables? Good day to you.


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k, too bad u have ATT. they do i think suck compared to AOL TW. ATT needs $ too bad.

yea i did check out audioreview & was amused by the reader reviews of speaker cable, including the MC MCX Biwire.

i got that from J&R for $60 along with their bananas that Monster Lock for another 10.

i'll be running the biwire vs. not test lab soon.

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i just got the dishplayer model 7200 which incorporates webtv 'software'. i am NOT EVER going to use the webtv service, i have a pc for that. i got this unit because i like the 'operating system' it uses for the guide, it has dd opt dig out, it records 12 hrs. on a built-in hard drive, and while that is not as long as the model 501 pvr system, it has a feature i REALLY like called SEARCH. you type the name of an actor, subject, etc. into the screen ie: william shatner, largemouth bass fishing, motorcycle racing,etc.. and if the word is in the title or description for any show on any channel for an entire week, it will list it!! then, lets say a show is listed at 3a.m. i can highlight it, and it will record it for me! also it records the digital bitstream, so playback is IDENTICAL to the original broadcast! INCLUDING the dd audio! avman.

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I am irritated by Dish's RF remote. Although it works fine, other "universal" remote controls will not control it. You will always have to use the Dish remote, which can only control 3 other devices, hopefully the 3 that you have, or will, own.

The satellite reception was a massive improvement over TCI, now AT&T service. I'm sure digital cable is the same quality. I do notice the MPEG artifacts in the moving objects, motion, on the screen, but it is not distracting.

I moved to satellite for a different reason, though. I live in a town of just over 50,000 population. The cable had no competition and had an outrageous cost, but I like television entertainment beyond the big-3 (now 4) broadcasters. The real irritant is something called "community standards." It was set up to handle obsenity vs. free speech, but is now used to censor "for the children" or the Puritans. The local schools and places of worship would start letter writing, and soon the show or cable network I liked to watch were gone. I had to literally go over their heads to get more than mind-numbing pablum content. A group in the whole country is not likely to be able to get the satellite to stop something they personally don't like and would like all of us to not see. "265 channels... blocked out!" -Ned Flanders of The Simpsons.

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Keith,I have 3 Dishnetwork recievers,the one in my main HT is the 4722(?)w/DD out.Show east and Starz east are the only 2 doing Dolby digital.The Denon AVR-3801 decodes them just fine and they sound like DVD's.I leave mine set to 6.1.

Pete C,my 3801 remote works the dish reciever just fine,I know it isn't a UHF remote,but it still sends the signal RF.Not sure if that's what you meant or not.

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Originally posted by Pete C:

I am irritated by Dish's RF remote. Although it works fine, other "universal" remote controls will not control it. You will always have to use the Dish remote, which can only control 3 other devices, hopefully the 3 that you have, or will, own.

What model DISH rec'r? Some old Model4000s orignally only accepted a RF signal (but that can be fixed with any easy mod: http://www.carltonbale.com/dish/4000/ ) and some came with all the hardware installed but with the IR stuff turned off. Mine didn't have the hardware so I did the upfit and then turned IR on, and now it works with universal IR remotes!

All the newer DISH units that came with RF remotes should also accept IR signals!

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