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Originally posted by Gluegun:

My suggestion is to send the whole thing to Klipsch and have them fix it and stuff...

They'll do it at their expense, right?

What he is saying (at least the way I understood it) is that he is having problems with his preamp. He sends it in, and Klipsch replaces it with the same model preamp. It has problems, he sends it in, and it gets replaced with the same model. If Klipsch would have replaced it right away with the new one, he wouldn't have had to spend as much time driving back and forth or paying shipping charges (if applicable).

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Why would they have to give everyone a new preamp? If a person has a legit problem with a part that is known to have some problems, and there is a replacement part that does not have those problems, it seems dumb to replace it with another suspect part over and over again. It just agrivates the end user and costs more money for Klipsch.

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Wow, this thread just keeps on going!

1) I've contacted Klipsch via E-mail. No response yet but I'm confident they will have a solution to my problem.

2) If there is a "batch" of bad pre-amps that made it to Canada this explains why I have received 2 defective pre-amps.

3) I'm not asking Klipsch for a million dollars people. Just a "working" pre-amp, if that means they give me the new one, so be it, that is none of anyones business. If you have a problem with yours let them know and at them same time let everyone else know so that those who don't know there are issues can be aware if in the future their old pre-amp developes the same problems.

4) Klipsch is fully responsible for replacing my pre-amp with one that will function for the life of the speakers and I don't think anyone would expect or accept any less.

5) I am in no way impressed by the way kqew conducts himself, I just share in his frustration.

6) These are the best multimedia speakers I have ever heard. Thank you Klipsch.

7) For those who have no issues with their pre-amps... your lucky because it is a very sad and frustrating thing to have something you are so proud of and enjoy so much to have such an ugly problem. So PLEASE understand when some of us loose our cool a little. We just want what you already have, a solid system.

JF. Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.


Movies take us to a place we would like to be and away from a place we would like to forget.

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Okay, I'm new to this board, in fact I came to this board because I'm having the same problems, and I believe it to be the preamp.

I'm not a technical guy, but through common sense I have narrowed it down to the preamp. I'm getting a scratching noise when I adjust the volume from the left front channel and ONLY the left front channel, no matter which sattelite is plugged into that channel.

I have the Hollywood+ dvd decoder card, and to hear sound from it the Line In must be unmuted. When it is unmuted, an audible BUZZ (not a hiss) emanates from the left front channel and only the left front channel.

Since it isn't the individual speaker, and it isn't the sound card (different speakers did not have this problem when used with the same sound card), what else is there? It must be the preamp.

Now I've already had my subwoofer unit replaced once. Now I'm having the same problem and I must replace it (I assume) again. It is frustrating to have to do things over again, especially when shipping this monster is not cheap (almost $30 if I remember correctly).

And it has nothing to do with dust or air filters, unless the factory where it was built was dusty, because the problems were evident as soon as it was out of the box.

If you haven't experienced the same problems, great. I envy your good fortune. That doesn't mean others like me that have problems should be treated like second class citizens because we're searching for solutions. And simply stating that you don't know why I have a problem since YOU never had a problem is unhelpful, to say the least.

Klipsch was very responsive in replacing my first unit, hopefully they will be again. And hopefully, this time it will work.

Thanks for listening, peace out.

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I hope you have better luck with your new components Amythaon. I know after I dealt with Amy about my pre-amp I was very satisfied that I had been taken care of fairly nd quickly.

But it still sucks to be without your Pro's while they get fixed or replaced. smile.gif


Movies take us to a place we would like to be and away from a place we would like to forget.

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this buzzing thing is weird.

i think it definitely comes from the sound card or the decoder card, I don't think it's related to the pros.

anyhoo, why are you using the Hollywood plus?

I can only see one reason: your computer isn't fast enough.

else, you're better off going with a software decoder.

anyways, i can understand your anger, one would expect that you could just plug everything in and everything would work fine... except it rarely works that way in the computer world... a shame really.

but anyways, if the buzzing thing has happened with two of the pro's set, statistically it's almost impossible that it's related to the pros. the scratchiness, okay, but the buzzing?

maybe you could call the manufacturer of the Hollywood Plus or your soundcard manufacturer. it surely sounds like an interference problem to me.

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Holly smokes man, what a thread.

Amythaon, i don't know how loud the hissing is at your end but let me tell you this.

I got a tv tuner card (ati) when i'm not watching tv i can still hear whatever channel i last had it on. (sounds like a buzz but it's the tv). No big whoop i mute it.

Before i put on dvd (i got h+ too) i make sure line in is muted, before i play a game i make sure line in is muted.

On top of that, when volume level is loud and with no music on, i hear my cd-rom working (like a buzzing sound)

I EVEN HEAR MY HARD DRIVE THROUGH THE SUB(kind'of like a huffing sound)

But these sounds are not loud at all, very little but just enough to hear it.

I don't think this is a deffect, i guess some people are a hell of a lot more picky than i am. I would never shipp them in for that.

I just think the pro's jack's are real sensitive to any vibrations or maybee it's the s/c that pick's up the vibes.

Seb, i got my h+ when i had a cel.300 now i got p3700. What would be the real advantage to poping out my Hulk Hogan card?

I'm mainly still using it because someone once told me: If it works, DON'T F**K WITH IT!

I'm really worried about having even the slightest of delay in frame rates happening with soft. decoding. My H+ works like a charm. biggrin.gif

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I agree with you Baz, if it ain't broke don't F*@K with it.

I have a Creative Banshee setup with a Dxr2 decoder card and I am very happy with the results so far. I have over 260 DVD titles and I have had only three titles with issues. Art of War, Scary Movie and a slight problem with Me, Myself and Irene. Every other one of my DVD's has played flawlessly. Not even a hint of a layer skipping.

I have friends with Geforce cards and Ati cards that have had nothing but problems with their setups, I'm sure glad I don't! smile.gif

The rest of my system is a P2-400 w/ 384mb's of PC100 RAM, SB Live value, 5x Creative DVD drive, Iomega zip drive, LG 12x8x32 CD-RW, Voodoo banshee 16mb vid card w/ DVD decoder card and TV Out S-video to my RCA S-video tv and JVC S-video super vhs all running on Win 98 se w/ DirectX8. And of course my Klipsch Promedia V2-400!!!

I have never worked on a more stable system than mine (I'm anal about taking care of it though) and I work on a G4 dual 533 at work that isn't much faster (sure surprised me too!).

I always like to stay a bit behind as far as the Technology race goes, saves you the trouble of beta testing all this new crap for the manufacturers for free. Nice hey, they build the crap and the public gets to test it without even knowing about it. At least most software manuf. let you know your using beta products.


Movies take us to a place we would like to be and away from a place we would like to forget.

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well, baz, have you tried the soft decoders out there?

personally I tried my ATI Radeon's decoder, and the video quality wasn't as good as with software. plus, I couldn't get 4.1 sound.

you should try the software decoders out there they are really good.

ayways, I was just suggesting getting rid of the Hollywood plus because it seemed to create interference.

about that: the sounds you're hearing, Baz, are not because of the Pros. definitely not. it's the soundcard picking up all this noise. the PC environment is so bad for good sound, that's why a separate home theater is still the way to go. anyhoo, I have an el cheapo sounblaster 16 card in my other computer. especially when I have my headphones on, I can hear the CD ROM spinning even WITH music on!! soundcards are cheap; they pick up all this noise so easily.

forgive me if I'm rambling, it's just that I'm just out of the theater, I watched Hannibal, and I'm still quite shaken by it. my litle brother had an two open-brain surgeries, guess that's why the brain-eating sequence kinda shook me. I don't want to go to bed, so I log on to this website and post as long a message as I can. anyways. I'll find another thread.

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Hello all,

I'm proud to say that after listening to several other pro-media systems on my floor I have bought a set of the pro media v2.400 and I'm very happy with the sound BUT.... I'm anal about my hometheater sounds and right now this is my home-theater to go along with my laptop (specs listed below). My problem is that I notice a slight hissing when adjusting the volume of my speakers. If I turn the volume from (7 o'clock starting position) to about 10 o'clock it produces a slight hissing sound that gets louder after I start and then gradually fades once I reach the 10 o'clock position. It does this in all four speakers, and my pre-amp is not mounted to any of them, it is standalone. It also does this whether hooked up to my lap top or not. I would appreciate any advice on how to clarify this problem as quickly as possible. Other than that, KLIPSCH ROCKS!!!



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Make sure your volumes in windows are set low and use the Pro amp to do the amplification. See if this helps. Also, search the BB - this has been covered many times.


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Pro 4.1 are comin!!!!!!!!

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