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What magazines for HT do you guys usually read?


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Home Theater Mag and Sound & Vision

I used to subsribe to stereophile, but there is nothing in there affordable for a full time student 15.gif Therefor I cancelled. Probably subsribe to it again pretty soon. I learn so much in that magazine then any other. Very educational. Now if only if they review a peice of equipment every once in a while that is not over a few K's.9.gif

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I will buy any audio magazine that bench tests gear that I am interested in. The subjective reviews are garbage. Bench test information is very useful, because the manufacturers rarely tell the complete truth about their gear. It is particularly useful when several magazines bench test the same piece.

For example, RF-7s are rated as 8 ohm speakers by Klipsch. S&V rated them at 6 ohms after testing. I believe S&V got it right. Result: Good amplification helps with the RF-7s.


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Each month,or almost I buy these mags...

Stereophile (and I own many components reviewed 3.gif )

Haute Fidelite (from France,mostly high-end)

Prestige Audio Video (from France mostly high-end,good stuff)

Home Theater Guide (some good reviews there)

UHF (great products,great reviews)

and a few british mags all about the high-end

Andrew Marshal's Audio Ideas Guide from time to time

And a few more here and there

About 5-8 mags per month. 1.gif

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