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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


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I dunno guys, I watched it again tonight at my wifes request and to tell you the truth....I liked it, the soundtrack is a 7/8, the story, fiction as it is is a 7, Sean is great, the nautilus is great sci-fi, bfd about the vampire, who cares, Mr. Hyde is just as intertaining as the hulk, only the transformation is better. Overall i will raise my rating 3***/5, very intertaining especialyy with the sub I got.2.gif

To each his own


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hahah, took a peek at solaris for the first 10 min. Well, it seem kinda dull. There is gonna be no action in this movie right? Turned off though due to lack of time, but probably gonna watch it.

I'm not surprised. I believe most of America thought this, but then again the average American has a 17 second attention span or something like that. Mainstream America thinks if there aren't spontaneous explosions and superfluous nudity it's not worth watching. I mean who really has time for character development? Oh well to each his own.

(gets off soapbox)

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i think LXG would have been better should it remain loyal to the original graphic novel, where, amoung other things, connery would have been a opium addict.

i believe it's the same graphic novelist who illustrated the book that was adapted into the movie From Hell. While FH wasn't especially gory, it very much retained the grit from the graphic novels as it was translated to screen.

LXG looked cool on screen, but i don't think it kept much in key other than its comic book style action. Stephen Norrington is also a notable director with a very stylish ... style.

I don't take summer action flicks seriously, neither should you. They're meant to be fun, not fundamental.

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