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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


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Is it just me or did this movie really blow!! The story sucked and the casting was horrible!

The chick who played a vampire never had me convinced. How come she could go out in sunlight?

I mean come on, Pauly Shore could play a more belivable vampire role. And how did they invent

a car, a submarine and automatic machine guns all of a sudden? It really pissed me off!

I had high expectations for this movie and it was a real let down. Am I just being too critical?

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Thanks for warning.....I did read reviews and well they said the same thing for most part....It did look interesting at one time.....well the first Ad but after checking into it...

I will wait for it on TV....hehehe

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I guess I'm the odd man out. Watched it twice this weekend and enjoyed the movie both times. Obviously not to be taken seriously. I found it entertaining.

I found the sound was good and lots of action.

I have seen better, but have also seen much worse. (eg The Musketeer, T3)


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I thought this movie looked AWFUL when they put the previews out for the theatrical run. But then I borrowed it from my friend on DVD....Not NEAR as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, thought it was an entertaining little action flick, it even poked fun at itself a few times. I've got to give it props for not taking itself TOO seriously.

No great film, but worth a rental.

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Guest Anonymous

IMHO league gets 2 star for content, Connery, and soundtrack. Solaris 1 star boring drama!!

Atleast League had some action and a good soundtrack(for the LFE and the B4)

Solaris was a 13" kitchen tv movie, League on the 64" had some excitement12.gif

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hahah, took a peek at solaris for the first 10 min. Well, it seem kinda dull. There is gonna be no action in this movie right? Turned off though due to lack of time, but probably gonna watch it.

League would make a pretty good system show off, but for fun, that movie is horrible. The HULK WASNT THAT BAD. It was half decent. And the BASS, whoa, lol.

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