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Is "Monster Cable" really worth it...

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Ray you are so right................ and you make it sound so easy. And we just keep right on playing.Biggrin.gifBiggrin.gif


Mains: RF-3

Center: RC-3

Rears: RS-3

Sub: KSW-12

A/V Receiver: Yamaha HTR-5250

DVD Player: Yamaha DV-6280

CD Player: Yamaha CDC-506

VCR: Toshiba

TV: Toshiba 55" Projection

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While E-bay often runs up the price quickly to top market value...however just as often, due to the great volume of transactions and items on E-bay, bargains can be had becuase they remain overlooked...always worse a try at E-bay! IMHO...tony


*1993 K-Horns w/ ALK x-overs*Marantz 7T preamp*Dynaco MkIV monoblocks (modded to triode)*Sony CDP-CX350 and CX-230 CD changers*MSB link DACIII (96k upsampling)*MSB silver digital director (for switching and jitter reduction)*Technics M-85 professional Cassette Deck*SAE MK VIII tuner*Luxman PD-272 turntable, Grado Red cartridge*Cardas Crosslink speaker cable*Monster M550i for all interconnects*Monster HTS3500 Reference Powercenter Conditioner

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Ya gotta love it. I have been doing audio editing at home on my PC. Bouncing tracks off the ADAT so I can do looping,etc. Haven't been able to afford great cables yet, but the same thing applies. I had very inexpensive 1/8" to two RCAs. They picked up no end of noise. Lots of RF around the PC to be picked up, that's for sure. I bought newer Radio Shack versions. THey are way heavier (not just the insulation) and the noise went away. Many older Radio Shack cables (interconnects) if you cut them open, don't have braid for the shielding, but wire that is twisted around the outside. Braid gives better shielding, and cable by Belden (or other similar type) with a foil shield and drain wire, will do even better. the connectors tend to be a real problem also.

Almost all of the newer cables from Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Lowe's, etc., are made in China. GE has some that cost too much for what they are. But good wires make a difference.

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