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Cornwalls For Sale!!!

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Greetings from a newbie Klipsch lover! I have enjoyed reading the BB postings very much, and I am saddened that so many people are enjoying thier Klipsch speakers and I am not. I purchased a pair of Cornwalls from Paul W. himself in 1971, and listened to them constantly until 1988 when I relocated from New England to Florida. I built custom shipping cases for them and since the move I have never uncrated them. I do not have room for them in my present home, and my wife wants "inconspicuous " audio. I sold my Macintosh electronics several years ago, and no longer listen to music other than the car CD player. I hate the thought of parting with them, but they are going to waste, and probably will never be uncrated. They are in prime condition, with oiled walnut finish, and the original black grille cloth. All the drivers are original: CTS woofer, and EV midrange & tweeter, as well as the original crossovers. They have never been damaged or overpowered (almost never deflected the VU meters on my Mac), and they have always been inside a climate controlled environment (homes & apts.). I would love to see them go to someone who would appreciate them and use them. If anyone knows someone who might be interested in purchasing them from me, I would appreciate a reply.



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Hello there,

I am always interested in a set of cornwalls for the right price. You say they are already crated? That should simplify shipping quite a bit.

My wife will kill me if I buy another set of "Big" Klipsch, but if the price is right I am interested.



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Mancwm36.gif This should happen a few months from now.I'm expecting some green to come my way.Not sure where you are in FL,but I'm 8 hours from Jacksonville in North Carolina and would drive down.

Are the tweeter and squawker mounted vertical?Can't remember what '70's models did.

Truely sorry to hear you want to part with them.My wife would be jumping for joycwm35.gifto have them in our bedroom to replace the Heresy II's.

Hey,the Heresy II's are smaller,ya think the wife would go for a bit smaller size,Light Oak 1996 flat riser base in like new(no scratches)condition?????

I'm serious,any thoughts?

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Ah, yes, G.P., as you can see by my early email and these posts, Cornwall lovers abound... and Cornwall availability is cherished... particularly vintage PWK handled ones!

I understand the winding down process... and feel fortunate to have the space and time to enjoy larger Klipsch classics. But, I too, would trade them in the blink of an eye to have my wife back at my side... but that cannot be.

You can rest assured that anyone from this Forum who is lucky enough to win your favor shall provide the care & feeding your treasured ear-companions of yesteryear richly deserve.

Be well, enjoy and give the wife a hug for all the happy Cornwall fantasies her taste in "inconspicuous audio" has brought us. HornEd

PS: Oh, yes, and I predict no snow outside, and no standing Wavey.gif waves inside, again this winter.


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and such... Tweakin' On!

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Ok gpstrackman...you posted this message looking for someone to purchase your Cornwalls and got me all excited and hot-to-trot to buy them. Smile.gif

Where you at???

Please don't tell me you've changed your mind. Frown.gif

I promise they'll have a loving caring home. Smile.gif


I'm serious. Smile.gif

Tom Adams

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I have definitely NOT disappeared!! I have been tied up for the last two days, and unable to check the forum. I appreciate your interest very much, and your offer as well. I have not determined what monetary value I place on my Cornwalls, as I have really not attempted to sell them until now. If truth be known, I hate the thought of selling them, as I cherish them greatly, even though I cannot use them any more. They represent past times when I enjoyed listening to music for hours (without listener fatigue, naturally!), times when I considered myself an audiophile, and knew almost everything there was to know about all existing audio equipment. Unfortunately, those times seem to have passed, and I am a neophite in the audio world once again.

I would welcome additional dialog regarding your offer.

I also wish to thank the other respondents for their interest as well.


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I am afraid even the Heresey's are not going to work...unless you have a pair about 6 inches square..that would make them extremely heretical!!!

Seriously, I appreciate the thought, I would rather have any Klipsch speaker system, than no Klipsch speakers at all! I owned a pair of Heresy speakers before I bought the Cornwalls...I loved them!! I should never have parted with them either!!

I would appreciate discussing the opportunities of your purchase at greater length. Please reply when possible.

gpstracman cwm11.gif

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ooops, i am currently under the influence of prescription drugs after surgery must decline/retract my offer. Boo hoo. Before surger I saw a pair advertised in local paper and drove to the house. The poor guy had them in his garage of all places and had had them there for over five years, they were moved from another garage, poor babies, and poor me . I just told the guy good luck..cwm11.gif

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