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What's Your Favorite Audiophile Excess


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Submitted Tweaks @ audiotweaks.com I simply had to share. I can't stop laughing audiophyliapsycosis.

Coins on top of speakers


Use plastic 35mm film containers on power cords, interconnects and speaker cable


Painting the CD edges green, painting the CD tray and the inside of the chassis cover


Just need sandpaper or a nail file.


Run the demagnetizer over the CD for before each play


Rap power and interconnect cables with tin foil


If your Television is between your speakers, throw a blanket over it when listening to music


CooCoo For Cocoa Puffs

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On 11/21/2004 11:11:46 PM seti wrote:

Rap power and interconnect cables with tin foil


This one I think resulted from the fact that most companies, like Monster, use foil under the dielectric to shield thier interconnects. I guess this person figured a second helping outside of the dielectric would double his pleasure, and double his fun.

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