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Got snow?


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well Indy finally got the subzero temps and wind chill like -17 to go along with it and the 12 inches of snow. Happy White Christmas. At least we got a couple days to get dug out but I bet the stores didn't like their lack of business two days before Xmas.

Have a great day everybody.


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On 12/24/2004 8:30:09 AM colterphoto1 wrote:

A 40 (yes FORTY) mile traffic jam because even semi's could not negotiate the treacherous conditions. One motorist said it to 7 1/2 hours to travel 70 miles. Yesterday's 20 inches of snow, coupled with sub-zero temps overnight and predicted for next couple of days, pretty much put the southern half of state at standstill.


That puts things in perspective! Thanks for the info.

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Here in Bowling Green, KY we had 2" of ice and freezing rain that left world coated in glass, as another poster so aptly described. Christmas Eve was a full sun day with a high of around 14 degrees, and the world was stunningly beautiful. Just as if a million prisms were aiming their rainbows everywhere.

Last night (christmas eve) I walked the four blocks to a midnight service in 4 degree weather (farenheit) on the ice, and took in the twinkling of all the christmas lights helped by the 'glass'.

We had just enough freezing rain to coat the trees yet spare them from damage. The world seemed magical on the walk home last night.

One of the best parts about a good, deep snow is the silence that follows.

It's a hassle but I always love the snow.


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We've been cold and dry on the east coast. Kinda nice though. Only a short trip to the in-laws today to exchange gifts then we had the most amazing dinner with just us and the 2 kids. My wife made lobster stew which we had for starters (amazing!) followed by salad then a standing rib roast with mashed potatos and a bottle of wine my son (the waiter) won from a Christmas drawing at his restaurant. I'm still stuffed to the gills.14.gif Diet starts Monday!2.gif

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yep, we got a couple of inches, but most melted yesterday. then the sleet and freezing rain came this morning.

the freaky warm weather in the early parts of january really devastated the local ski resorts. one resort even went down to 1 slope and 1 lift open!

i had such big plans on skiing over my vacation...oh well it is cold now so maybe i can squeeze in some slope time on the weekends...

note to self: move to switzerland in the alps region...2.gif

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