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Aragon vs. Sunfire amps


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I'm looking to add a good quality amp to my 5.1 system, but use my HK 525 for pre-amp and processing for now. Using Chorus II mains, Forte II surrounds and Quartet center. Will appreciate any insights on the Aragon 2005 and Sunfire Cinema Grand 200~5 amps. (I'll be ^%$#'d if I can find any place to audition these amps with comparable speakers.)

Thanks in advance.

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I'm continuing to look for an opportunity to audition in the Houston, TX area. I've found one place in the Woodlands that customizes HT setups for big $$$ and can order/use both amps. Apparently they don't really have a showroom with ability to compare alternatives like this. If I asked them to, I'm a little afraid they would expect a possible large purchase from me. (I can't bring myself to lie that boldly! I just want a better idea which one to watch for on ebay, Audiogone, etc.)

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To hell with them both, just get B&K and be done! 11.gif

Seriously, though. I've heard RF-7s (as well as K-horns) on the Aragon stuff, and it is indeed very, very nice!

I've not had the change to listen to the Sunfire stuff, though, but I'd be willing to bet it won't disappoint either.

I'd bet it'll come down to who has what available and what kind of deals you can get.

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When I was looking for an amp, I was looking at the Sunfire Cinema Grand 5x200, the Aragon 2005 and the Rotel RMB 1095. I couldn't find any Sunfire's new locally, they kind of replaced the 5x200 with the 5x225, so it may be hard to find a 5x200 new. The Aragon stuff is nice too, a little harder to find too, so I went with the Rotel.

I'm VERY happy I did, I run RF-7 mains, RC-7 Center and RF-5 surrounds, and the amount of detail, clarity, HUGE soundstage, etc you get with an amplifier is unmatched by any receiver. Seperates are the way to go if you can. I used a Pioneer Elite VSX 53TX as a pre-pro for about a month, worked pretty good. I have since got the Rotel RSP 1098 and this processor blows the Elite away, it's amazing the difference.

I would suggest demoing them if possible, if not, pick whatever you feel would be the best bang for the buck, you are getting the same amount of power with all the amps you are looking at. Whatever you pick you will be blown away!!!

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