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Discount, what can you expect???


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I usually ask for prices around 25 - 30% of what they are selling the stuff for. If you know what you want and know how much you want to spend its a little easier to get the price down. I normally suggest whatever they offer is a little bit more than I'd care to spend and suggest that I might need to take a look at some other stores. Normally that gets at least 20% off the price tag, if your a frequent visitor it ends up getting you a little more.

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Don't be rude..............If I'm not happy with price I just walk away, they usually follow you, changing their price....Money Talks, but there again, at my age they know I'm not kidding.........20% is a very fair starting point........if they think your serious, and just not window shopping they tend to give in.

Ditto that....

I always find that if I say... "I'll buy all these speakers from you today if you sell them to me for $X" ........... works quite well. If not, I'm prepared to walk, but it never comes to that because they want to make the sale today.

Being an informed shopper is key!! You should know going in what the suggested retail is...... and what you should expect to pay.

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Roughly 20% is the figure that you should expect. 25% is something you can get off really cooperative dealers who are smart enough to realize you'll come back and bring friends. 15% is the "industry standard" discount that you're given when the dealer is trying to squeeze you for money... without being a total ******* about it.

Is the percentage off the MSRP or what they are currently asking for their speakers? I was quoted $490each for the RF-82's. That is basically MSRP pricing. What would be a good price to offer the dealer?

It really depends on how hard you're willing to work to save a few $$$. In general, anything in the 20-25% off suggested retail is a very fair price. To get more will take some effort......

I think I paid between $375-$390 each for my RF82s, and that was with very little effort. I might have paid less if I really pushed, but I was happy with the price because I knew it was a fair price.

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I read the thread, went to on monday at 1:30 pm to lousiest BB/Magnoliaon the eastern seaboard and found an non-commission agent.

Could listen to one def tech 7002,4,6 or an RF 62 at a time. (they were attached 1 each to front and rear outputs!!??).

In the second room, only the Yamaha something would play. the RF 82's and the RS 42's were disconnected, as was the RC 52.

I simply told them I would buy the set with a 25% discount. They did a round number discount which came out I paid 73.7% of list.

They loaded the speakers in the car for me.

I am your newest posting Klipsch owner.

They also have a "Reward Zone" card that rebates $5 for every $250 (2%) spent. so I did get my speakers for about 72% of list.

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I have



RS-42 are on the way from the warehouse, arrival july 5.

I had planned to use my antique KEF 105.4's for rears, but one of them seems to have died. I shall therefore ask them if they will again offer the same discount for a pair of RB-61's. or are the RB-51's which they also carry adequate?

As others have pointed out, if it ain't in their computer, they cannot sell it. Since they did not have the rs42's and were on their way to the warehouse(sterling VA), I asked about rs 52's and rc 62. they cannot bill the item, so they cannot sell the item.

Magnolia is not set up to discount. each item is manually reduced and has a long entry on the sales ticket.

If anyone in the DC area wishes to contact this store, PM(or whatever it's called) me.

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