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Music playback in band room


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Id be interested in any experience and/or advice regarding a system for music playback in a high school band room. The band director has asked for my advice. Unfortunately, I do not yet know his budget.

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My thought is <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Cornwall, La Scala or Heresy so that large amounts of clean volume will be available without the need for large amounts of expensive power. I thought I had purchased a set of Cornwalls from a Forum member that I would donate to the cause, but thats another story.

A band practice room is far from an ideal space for speakers. The large space, high ceilings and lack of carpet, drapes, etc. are a challenge. The sound in the empty room would not be the same as when 200 kids are seated.

The attached photo shows Cornwalls protruding from high on the walls of a practice room at the University of Hawaii. The director, Grant Okamura, told me that they are awful in that location as the highs fire over the first rows of the tiered space, only to be heard by the percussion in the back/top row.

He informed me that someone else did that installation without his blessing. Another pair of Cornwalls in a practice room sounds much better.

Any input would be appreciated.

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Yeah, budget is a big part of it. Do the speakers face the students from the front or from the side. Maybe the commercial series would work well, but if u have a lot of room in the front, i bet klipschhorns would be good. That room looks big though, so maybe the school should get a pro installer to look into it. Hope this helps.

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Though Heritage tugs at ye olde heart strings, there are probably better choices. Commercial speakers routinely have sensitivity in the mid to high 90s, and power is cheap. Controlled directivity is really the primary issue here.

A drawing of the room would be helpful.

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I'm meeting with the director on Wednesday. I'll take some measurements then.

Even without the measurements, I can recall that it's a large rectangular space with ~20" ceiling, walls lined with metal lockers and, no carpet and stackable chairs for 200 people. The acoustical properties are much different with >150 students in place than they are when the room is empty.

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I see no reason why a pair of cornwalls wouldn't work...

In the picture you posted, they could dramatically improve the sound by

simply inverting the speaker. Or even better, inverting and angling the

speaker down!

Sadly, the HF/MF section of the cornwall limits achieving really loud

volumes...if the band intends to play along with whatever is being

played through the speakers, then I would highly recommend going a

different route. Once you get a budget, size contraints, and possible

speaker locations I could provide you with some specific alternatives

if you're interested.

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Ben said, "If its similar to any band room I've seen, I'm sure dozens of speakers would work better than Corns.

I do find it pretty funny that the schmuck out in
<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Hawaii left the risers on the CWs!"

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It is similar to most band rooms, but dozens of speakers would take up way too much space. But seriously, there are dozens of speakers that would be as good or better, but Corns installed differently would do fine.

Back in April, you posted in the thread; Wall mounted Cornwalls don't cut it That thread included photos of Wendy Carloss (Switched on Bach) Cornwalls suspended from the ceiling with risers still in place.

Ive attached part of the response from the University of Hawaiis Grant. Okamura (typos intact) regarding the wall mounted Corns.

The Klipsch Cornwalls don't sound very good in that configuration. Our AV guy just went in and placed them up there and I wished he had consulted with me before doing it. I've spent years as an audio consultant and have designed speakers and used to do modifications to amps and stuff. Have not done the amps stuff recently and advances in amp design has left me behind. I love tube amps and there are only a few transistor amps that I think are ok. But I still do a lot of audio work. The Cornwalls don't work very well in its present location. The tweeter and midrange fire way over the heads of the students and they sound their best standing in the percussion section. They are spaced too far apart for good imaging. Because its on the balcony face the surface area does not give enough reinforcement to the bass and they sounds really thin. On my equipment it has a roll off around 110 so it sounds more like a midrange speaker. I sometimes bring it a subwoofer that I designed and it sounds much better. We have another set of Cornwalls in a different room and it sounds very good there. It has a very exciting sound with a bit of resonances here and there but they seem pretty controlled.

If Corns are used, I would mount them upside down with the woofers close to the ceiling and angled down toward the center of the room. That would reinforce the bass and allow the highs and mids to spread better throughout the space, thus minimizing the problems identified by Grant Okamura.

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If you are on a tight budget than I would highly recommend may by a set of Klipsch SF-3's. It has tremendous power and is very cheap for such great power. You can get them from an internet web site (A pair) for $ 300 or less. I know atleast 10 sites that sell SF-3's for that price.

Specs: 600 watt each

(2) 8" woofers and an 1" tweeter (Horn)

5 way binding post

Dimentions: are around 4' tall and 10" wide and 18" deep.

Heres a picture of them if you are not familure with them.


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