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Brand new RF-7's for 680 at goodguys


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everything is almost 1/2 off. We ended up going with the Energy RC-70's because of thier size. More of a high end small tower speaker. VEry nice, but yes, not klipsch. I may go back and grab some Klipsch if i can find one more RF-7 in a box. I found one in Cherry I just need its friend!

RSW-12 was only 800!

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We just got back from the GoodGuys in Reno. There were two RSW-15's in cherry left. $1,099.00 each in sealed box. The floor model gear that was left looked trashed.

If I was in the market for another sub, I would have definitely grabbed one of those 15's.

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DAMNIT, IF there was a sealed RSW-15 I would have grabbed it! Everything is pretty much picked thu in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Cali. And yes, for some reason RF-7's hold the record for the most trashed looking demo speakers in the world. WHAT THE HELL do people do to these things? It looks like people just walk into the store, pull out a hammer and start beating the shit out of the speaker. Scratches on all sides, corners smashed, dust caps are unnaturally inverted, tweeters too! Its a good thing the RF-7's have a tweeter grill otherwise they too would somehow be smashed!

the RSW's arent much better.

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Might be the fact that they're some of the heaviest speakers Klipsch makes. Some macho sales guy thinks he can move them by himself.

Or maybe the macho customer trying to convince his wife to get them. "See, honey, I can lift them all by myself....oops! Sorry about that! Hey, you guys ever do scratch and dent sales?"

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No it was the customers. I was working at the Marinda Del Rey store in

L.A, and I would routinely see cutomers take off the grills and push on

the cone woofers. Since I couldn't get fired, I regularly chastised

stupid people for doing that because someone like you guys would wanna

buy em' one day.

For that very reason I hid all my stuff in the back all bubble wrapped

and safe. I struck a deal with one of the liquidators and walked away

with 2 RF-7's, 2 RS-7's, a RC-7, a velodyne II 12 cherry sub, a monster

power center signiture 5100 and a cannon EOS 20D digital camera for

2,000 bucks.

Unfortunatly we never carried the RSW 15, but I'm enjoying the sweet velodyne.

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