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anyone checking out the new xm channels on directTV?


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I just noticed that as well. I didn't notice what channels they had.

My free XM in my car expires on 11/29. I don't know if I can bring myself to pay the $13/mo for it. I do like it and I spend a lot of time in the car nowadays (bought it 8/29 and have 7900 miles on it). I don't know. I still spend a lot of time flipping around. The 12 presets on my tuner just aren't enough for all those channels.

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Wayne, you are not imaging things the channels do sound superior to the old Music Choice channels, I have a bunch as well I went through a bunch of them and I cannot imagine ever listening to terrestrial radio again. I am getting a Sirius portable for Christmas so I can keep up on my Stern, and the XM Radio on the dish is just a super bonus.

This is just an awesome addition to the DTV lineup! Picked up Madagascar and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as well.

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I was waiting for you to give me your opinion of the quality. My Corns really pound alot more with these new channels.

BTW. got all the welding done yesterday to pay for my granite rack in 4hrs. Thats like $150 per hour. The rack is paid for. I got a wicked sunburn on my left arm from all the U.V.

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