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Anyone else with snow?

michael hurd

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It was over 80 here today and in the 60's at night but it's supposed to cool off tomorrow. I'm ready, as of now I still have the air conditoner on.

I can remember it snowed a little here once back in 1977. I can still remember the flakes coming down between the loading dock and UPS truck I was unloading. I remember reading in the paper that one of the professors over at the junior college actually skied down one of the hills on campus.

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Oh man, I was just telling my roomates that the winter is coming so late this year and happen to look out of the window to realize its just starting to snow. Its still quite late for snow to arrive, usually happens much earlier. But no complains there, totally enjoyed the long fall ... minus the rainy days.


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Send that stuff on down

to us, I for one am ready for winter to start. I'm getting tierd

of of this warm fall weather dragging out. I haven't even had to

wear a coat yet. Just make sure that you send enough to ski on, I

know Skonopa will like that, I bet he already has his skis waxed.


Oh hell yeah! Here in Fredericksburg, it was something like 78

degrees just on Wednesday, and then that front moved through! It

is certainly cold enough for it to snow here now. I saw one

long-range forcast saying that we may just get some by early next week.

Yup, I ran the gas out of my mower and put the rest that was still in

the can into the truck. I gave the lawn the season's final mowing

just last weekend (when it was in the upper 60's-low 70's).

I am definitly looking forward to finally get to lay down some turns on

the fresh corduroy up at the ski hill. I'll have to check if they

started to make snow up there, as it is cold enough to do it now.

But then again, this being Virginia, for all we know, it'll probably go

back up into the 70's by the end of next week. [:o] Not that I've

seen it before.

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