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Help! How can I update my Heresy's?


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I have a pair of Heresy's I bought in about 75-76. I have been through 2 Yamaha audio systems, but have sworn never to part with my Heresy's (I even lucked out on a pair of half-price Synergy's which were display models to run in parallel). I would like to update them to modern specs but don't trust doing it myself and don't know what needs to be done or where I can have it done. They've never been touched in 26 years and still sound great. They were the raw burch, which I finished myself years ago.

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There are a sizeable number of modifications previously posted to this forum for Heresy's. If you go to the main forum page and select search, then type in "Heresy Modifications", without quotes of course. You should a list of links that cover Heresy mods. You'll have to determine which ones are best for your particular needs.


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If you have the round (AlNiCo) magnet tweeters you can swap them for the rectangular magnet T-35/K-77-Ms and get smoother more extended highs. If your squawker drivers have spring-clip K-55-Vs, you can change them to the solder terminal K-55-Vs and get smoother response between 4k and 6k Hz. I can't hear the difference, myself.

I'd wrap the squawker horn and tweeter horn in several layers of rope caulk to damp the horns and I got an audible improvement in my La Scalas by replacing the capacitors with Hovland Musicaps from madisound.com. You might consider changing the woofer inductor to a Solen "Perfect-lay".

Other than that, you already have a great speaker.


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Maaan there's a lot of info on this BBS concerning this subject. Here's what helped my 1981 Heresy's:

1. I took off the back, unsoldered all the soldered connections on the crossover, and then resoldered them.

2. I unscrewed all the screw connections, cleaned all the points of connection, and then reconnected them.

3. Replaced the back.

Got rid of the raspyness and a most of the distortion that I hadn't noticed in this speaker's younger days.

My next mod: Better binding posts.

If this fix doesn't improve the sound, then try some of the more complex fixes.


Denon AVR-2700

Denon DCD1500-II

Audio Control Octave

Phillips CDR-765

Nakamichi BX-100

Sony PS-LX3

Rotel RB-991

Klipsch Heresy (1981)

Klipsch RP-3


MIT Terminator2 Bi-Wire

Computer system:

NAD 7130

Realistic Optimus Pro-7s (its only a computer system)

Klipsch KSW-10

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As has already been noted, you can find all the tweaks in the archives, plus the pros and cons. Many of these are improvements to what Klipsch shipped, not updates to the latest Klipsch spec.

Damping the squawker, and maybe the tweeter, horn and replacing the capacitors in the crossover network will give you the most bang for the buck. You might also want to replace the barrier strip on the back with a modern connector, just for convenience. Even if you are not particularly handy, you ought to be able to do these yourself. The capacitor change requires soldering, but its about as simple as soldering gets.

You may or may not be able to hear the difference from other mods. Unless you have the hearing of a child, you probably won't be able to hear the difference between the K-77 and K-77-M tweeters (which do you have now?) You may or may not be able to hear the difference between versions of the K-55-V squawker. Its not that big. The K-53-K squaker that was used in the last of the Heresys is not an improvement over what you have now. The woofers all sound pretty much alike so no need to change. If you want to go whole hog, you can replace the crossover with AlK's, but you may or may not be able to hear a difference from that either, and its possible you may not like the change.

Good luck and enjoy! Let us know how it goes.

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