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Best Buy could do a better job for Klipsch

Jeff Matthews

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They need a display setup that doesn't allow customers (or window shoppers) to screw with any connections.

Now if we could find a rep from Bose sabotaging a Klipsch display, that would be something.[:@]

Put Neutrik Speak-Ons on all the display stuff. They're like indestructible.

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We are working on this as best as we can with training, personal visits, etc.

You have to keep in mind the number of Best Buy stores in the country (guessing over 500?), factor in their employee turnover rate to re-train them consistently, and then consider they probably have more stores than we do employees.

It's a large undertaking for us, but this area is not being neglected.

Amy: Sign me up for the Detroit area stores! The way the auto industry is going, I'll probably need the job by then anyway! [;)]

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I must say thats true, but not all true.... We have 2 Bestbuys in Honolulu Hawaii. The one in Honolulu, doesn't care about home audio that much. The one at Pearl Ridge cares. Let me say, that the one at Pearl Ridge was a super nice setup for Klipsch. I mean leather sofas, good surrounding speaker postion and everything. They made it like a small bed room only for Klipsch. They had a small glass table in the middle, tall cabinets, fake plants, carpet, lamps, Hudge plasma etc. They made the New Quintet III speakers system like WOW!! The speakers were so lound and clear its unbelievable. When I went over to the other side, it was the floor Standing Klipsch. That set up was super nice to. They set it up just like how they set up the Quintet III. Instead they used the Klipsch Sub-12, F-3, S-3 and the Synergy SLX for the rear surround. The only thing I didn't see, was the Center channel. I think it was hiding behind the plants. I set there for a while on the soft sofa. I thought to myself that this is the first Bestbuy that I went including mainland Oregon, that Bestbuy favored Klipsch.[:D][Y]

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When I worked in retail, we had to make sure that certain items were

always displayed. Be it cause the compnay paid good money to place the

money there. Bose system always work, why? cause they happen to have

auditors that will fine stores with improperly working systems. They

actually fine the individual store so they actually make the store

managers in trouble. Why does klipsch not do this? I have 7 best buys

in my area... I live in nj so shoot me with malls. But anyways, out of

7, 4 did not work 2 the speakers were miss labeled, 1 the speaker was

hanging by the speaker wire (new quintet III btw)

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I would be a traveling Klipsch representative in a heartbeat. I have spent most of my life traveling for the purpose of listening to music - I'm sure I would have no problem traveling to ensure that the rest of the country enjoys thiers[Y]

That would be my definition of a "dream sales job" - representing a product that I feel 100% confident about makes me a natural salesperson. So if you are hiring, I'm available[:D]

Having spent some time on the BB salesperson side of the aisle, I can certainly understand the issue of customers disconnecting gear. It requires full time effort to keep those displays working properly. I find, however, that providing good customer service and being available (and also watching over the gear) assists in keeping these problems to a minimum. If a customer begins to look at the back, disconnect, etc - that's probably a cue that the customer has a question that the salesperson can answer. So as a point of advice for BB salespeople, be available in these display areas to answer questions, and the likelihood of customers undoing those displays decreases.

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